About Us

The Shar-pei: A Passion

I discovered the Shar Pei in 2006 while I was just looking in Google for a breed of dog that would suit me as a pet. This desire to have a dog came after that my sister rescued a kitten that got lost on the street and if my sister wouldn't take him home, the kitten would have been condemned to a certain death . A very strong relationship was built between my sister and the cat so I thought it would be good for me to have a pet too.

I felt closer to the dog than the cat, so I looked on the Internet for a breed of dog that would fit my criteria: a medium-size dog, who would be close to his owner and who could live in the city and who would not need a lot of physical activity. And then I remembered this atypical breed that impressed me, like a dog with many wrinkles: it was the Shar-pei.
I looked for information about this breed and I decided very quickly to get my first female shar-pei in a famous Israeli kennel.

And since then, my passion has only increased very fast: I read many books about the breed, subscribed to a lot of Shar-pei forums to share my passion with other people. I purchased a lot of products about the shar-pei and now my house looks like a museum for the Shar-Pei!
And then a second Shar-Pei arrived, and then a third! A friend of mine told me once that my dogs do not live in my house but I live in their house, and he was quite right.Sourire

Then I decided to produce purebred Shar-Pei in a family kennel  in order to share my passion to the shar-pei and to improve and sustain this beautiful breed. That's why the Mandarin Theater Kennel was founded in 2013, officially recognized by the FCI, and I am a member of the Israel Doga Club and the FCI since 2010.

The Mandarin Theater Kennel is a family kennel, where what is more important is the quality than the quantity in order to produce Shar-Pei well in their wrinkles and well in their head, in compliance with the standard. Breeding dogs are selected according to very strict criteria in order to contribute to the improvement and sustainability of the breed.

Puppies are born and raised at home with the adult dogs, and can play in the garden. They leave the kennel at the age of 8 weeks old, weaned, vaccinated, microchipped and socialized. The new owners also receive a certificate of pedigree puppy. Monitoring of puppies in their new home is assured.